Community project proposal to learn more about web5 - work history portfolio

I have a project idea that I hope others may be interested in, if only to get an idea of how things work. It is a lifelong work portfolio concept to try and solve a variety of problems I have come across when trying to help people retrain or find new employment.

At the various levels it would include:
Wallet: Creation and control of a DID for the portfolio. Access granted to third parties to make entries. Creation of VCs so that a third party can check claims that other known third parties have made previous entries (a digital reference similar to a work or qualification reference).
DWN: Sorting out how the above would work.
DWAs: A career management tool to help the individual look for advice or find interesting workshops/conferences/volunteer opportunities/jobs/etc. A service for LinkedIn type companies, employers, membership organisations etc to add entries.

Just some ideas. I also put a little background here Early sketch of individual work portfolio

The aim would be to eventually create some documentation and perhaps a ‘template’ for a portfolio that anyone can adopt for their dwa or personal use. In the short term it will be more about working out what takes place where and learning about DIDs!

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I’ve added a bit more background to what led me to this point Avoiding DRM for qualifications and training

I’ve realised now that the above is too involved and will take a long time to see results at this point, so I have another suggestion that can be used in many ways. This is something I wrote for myself to manipulate a collection of notes into a report or essay. So for example it might be for a course, where entries are organised into a JSON file and then when it comes to writing an essay the student can scroll and pick out entries then cut and paste the results into a document for editing.

The script and the json file are here Intermediate use case for clarifying perspective

I think it might be helpful as a reference point for certain questions. So for example instead of talking about DIDs and VCs the question could be “How do I allow someone to send book suggestions to my dwn that I can access them either through a dwa or on my own local app/program”. As in, what are the actual steps needed to do this. That way you can search for specifics in what’s available already, and be able to make requests. Also you can take a specific point of view and search for what will be relevant. E.g as a dwa owner, how can people submit a list of book titles and their reviews via their dwn. Or how can a book shop receive a wish list to fulfil without needing any other info.

I found it helpful to visualise the way things like messages and content can be organised, e.g. the json can contain links to hosted files elsewhere so a list of photos and captions can be put together.

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Love the example for book suggestions, this is a great use case!

Would you want to kick this off as a sample first project?

Yes that’d be great! I started working on it anyway, was planning to do the following:

  1. Tidy up the schema so that it is both valid and flexible enough for all parties to use, either directly or as a source for a new file.
  2. Create something similar to the current html file so that users can access their data and add/edit/delete as they wish.
  3. Create two VC templates. One for a user to send their info to another user they know already, and another for a user who requests info from another without knowing them (e.g. a website with a list of suggested reading allowing others to update their own reading list, perhaps with a view to collecting reviews back).
  4. Create a basic pwa to compliment the above.
  5. Have people pick a role and practise interacting with the data. This would be using whatever is available right now, and manually filling in the gaps or using alternatives where necessary.
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Not sure if I’ve done this right, but anyway I put it here GitHub - nearlyjuly/book-share-sampleproject: Sample project to explore use cases for web5

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