Credentials Working Group Meeting 2 – July 5 2022

The first meeting of the Credentials Working Group was held on June 21, 2022, thank you to all that attended! The notes can be found on the GitHub Repo for the working group here.

The second meeting will be on July 5, 2022 at 9 AM PDT on Discord in the #credentials-wg voice channel. Going forward, we’ll be circulating a collaborative HackMD document during the meeting that will be committed to our GitHub repo post-meeting.

Here’s a rough Agenda:

  1. Welcome & Agenda
  2. Community introductions (your chance to say hi)
  3. Show & tell
  4. Discussion topics
  5. Action item assignment, recap, close

In this post, please reply if you would like to add a topic for discussion, or have something to present during the show & tell section.

Keep an eye out for an update later this week as we begin to formalize our first working items around KYC Verifiable Credentials! We’ve also opened up a light process for the group adopting work items. If you’d like to add one consider a post here, followed by a pull request to the repo.