Demonstrate the Universal Resolver/Registrar in a web5 context

I think it would be great to demonstrate how DIF’s Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar components can be used to show that web5 can work with all DID methods.

I posted some more thoughts on this here: Generic "Resolvers" · Issue #38 · TBD54566975/ssi-sdk · GitHub

I believe this would require some work on ssi-sdk and/or ssi-service to implement the DID Resolution (at W3C CCG) and DID Registration (at DIF) specifications, and then point those components to self-hosted or public instances of the Universal Resolver and/or Universal Registrar.


I’m not sure the best way to include resolvers into the SDK. I think as your other comment alluded to - including an interface for DID resolution is sufficient, along with an implementation for self-resolving methods (did:key, did:peer).

For the ssi-service, it seems like we could include a binary for the existing resolvers, which may be the right starting point (or run them both using something like docker-compose). In the future, it may be worth having native support for the DID registrar and resolver in Go - multi-language support, and multiple implementations will prove out the strength of the applications.