Design Thinking

Hi, I’d love to be involved in some initial design work for SSI. Not quite sure where to start so just thought I’d fire a message out here. My bio… 20+ years in design, last ten working on developer tools, enterprise SaaS, B2B products


Would love to hear (or read) what you’re thinking. I’m currently working on a design doc for the SSI components and I hope to share in the coming week or so, could be a good place to start some collab.

Yep! a design doc as a starting point to give me some context would be great. I’d be happy to review that once you have it in a shareable state… draft is fine if that is easier

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Check out the new docs in the repos here:

  1. Vision and versioning documents for both projects
  1. Issue and pull request templates for both repos.
  2. A new process for features changes in the service, called SSI Service Improvement Proposals, or SIPs
    read about it here: ssi-service/ at main · TBD54566975/ssi-service · GitHub
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