Education and Ease of Use

To educate our users on this new paradigm a learning path or a small bootcamp on the website could be created. I imagine it could be fun and engaging similar to or we could create a path with this type of framework:

As far as education on how these credentials are valid and what is happening behind the scenes we can build a dead simple verification tool similar to the Texas digital notary verification tool.

Demo Video of VC Verification Tool-

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Cool! So am I reading right that you’re proposing a series of courses building on concepts we want to show? Cryptozombies has:

If so, is there a place you’d suggest starting? Something around credential issuance and storage, and gamifying that? Anyone have ideas for a fun way to teach folks about credentials that’s not so dry and technical but shows how they’re used and what we can do with 'em?

If I break this down, does this mean:

  • A set of Classes in the “Learn” Section of the Developer Site?
  • In each Class, a set of Courses where we incrementally show people how to build?
  • And the thing they’re building is a fun app idea?

Sounds super cool to me and I’d want to hear more about what the proposed additions are for the site. Sketches about what anyone’s got in mind would be helpful here!

An idea I was kicking around last week: “Kudos” - an app that lets you say cool things about someone else, issued as a credential they could share either publicly or privately. Could totally see building out a fun app like that and showing how to make it using a set of tutorials in stages, each one exposing a new concept like DIDs, Schemas, VCs, etc.

Also really like the verification tool - could totally see that as a useful step when showing issuance.


Love the idea. When I was first getting into ‘web3’ I used Rabbithole to get some exposure and understanding around different ETH tools and lending protocols. It was interactive and easy to use. Would love a similar app to get my first credentials and get acquainted to the DID ecosystem.

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nice @nitroneal - can you open up that video link so anyone has read only access?

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thanks - video link works now and it looks pretty cool.
I could imagine there being a few “paths” that some self education goes down: there are likely to be people interested in the DID/VC aspect of things, and perhaps a broader group of developers curious about DWN exploration where DIDs may be “a necessary distraction” to get past to get to writing code that hooks in to DWNs.