We need to build a platform that helps us super collaborate

To fix any problem we first need a platform to better collaborate with each other. For example I wanted to collaborate here but everything points me in 10 different directions. We need a decentralized meeting place to collaborate. Where we can start different “missions” together, that is easy to use, and where we can think tank, set goals, and set parameters for each mission. Including raising money, bounties, and action plans. Picture a social media platform with purpose.

Also, we need a way to rate our trust of each other with different levels. The more we trust each other the more iterations we can accomplish together. This topic can get dicey and needs some serious explanation which I will lay out soon.

Imagine going to a website that had thousands of different “missions” started and you could join the mission, agree to the parameters of the mission, and accomplish the mission with the group.

We could super collaborate together.

I love the spirit of what you are doing here but let’s build the tool to accomplish all other missions. I have the blueprints laid out and am writing them out in my substack here. (This is not a self plug as much as it is a place to scratchpad ideas. It is totally free).

I will be checking back here often to see if collaborating with like minded decentralization warriors like yourselves becomes easier. Right now we need a place - a tool - to start movements, remain transparent, and remain decentralized. That needs to come first.

Josh (aka The Rationalist)