Web GUI for DID/VS issuing on ssi-service


Inspired by Getting Started with TBD's SSI Service - I was tinkering with using streamlit (a data visualisation framework) and docker-compose to explore the ssi-service web app (with its own little web app container).

I’m not sure if streamlit (and indeed python) is the right sort of playground for this, but it was easy to do and make things highly visual (it is good at visualising json docs as well when you need to poke around). I’m not sure if a similar type of “framework” exists for rapid web prototyping/mini apps for golang (which the rest of ssi-service is in). The idea is an alternative landing GUI for people that spin up ss-service to play with locally (compliments using curl etc). A secondary benefit could be that it is very low-friction to add features (for developers, tinkering) as they become available. It’s not really design to be end user facing at all of course.

pull request: a GUI for issuing VCs and DIDs by michaelneale · Pull Request #89 · TBD54566975/ssi-service · GitHub


Great job @mic. Can you link to your repo as I’m unable to see the PR.
@frankhinek this would be a nice part two to your tutorial!

@saeedjabbar this is my branch: GitHub - michaelneale/ssi-service at gui-streamlit

odd you can’t see the PR - github was struggling the other day with an outage, maybe that was it?

yes it was @frankhinek’s tut that inspired me.

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Turns out it was the github outage. Will run your branch today :slight_smile: