Welcome to the Credentials Working Group!

Welcome! As a part of TBD’s Open Source effort, specifically around Verifiable Credentials, we are kicking off our first working group around all things credentials. We’ve had an influx of interest from both individuals and organizations that have read the tbDEX whitepaper and want to get involved. Primarily (and fittingly), the interest has been from those in the financial industry, considering how they can adapt to the emergent world of Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials. Our goal is to bring all interested parties together to document use cases and requirements, create diagrams, propose and influence standards in existing standards organizations, and work towards building real-world, standards-based, interoperable software.

The working group will first be focused on use cases around tbDEX: any credentials that may be used in a decentralized exchange interaction such as those around Know Your Customer (KYC)/Know Your Business KYB), Identity Verification (IDV), and risk scoring. We’ll be building off of existing standards work in the W3C and DIF, and others, as well as influencing nascent standards initiatives such as the recently kicked off Trust Establishment, and soon to be kicked off Schema Directory work items in the DIF Claims and Credentials Working Group. If your organization is not a member of DIF, we recommend you join, and we’re happy to help with the process—just reach out.

To help organize the group, we have two main methods of communication: the #credential-wg channel on the TBD Discord, and the Credentials Working Group category on our newly created Discourse user forums. Software-wise, we’ll primarily be focusing on utilizing the SSI SDK and SSI Service, so feel free to jump in there too. Becoming a member is informal—all you need to do is engage. The first group meeting will tentatively be held at 4 PM UTC (9 AM PDT) on Tuesday June 21st. More information will be shared soon, over Discord and Discourse.

This is an open group, and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues across the industry. Open source, and open standards are only strengthened by broad participation. We look forward to seeing what we can build together.


  • We’re kicking off a working group around credentials, first focused on KYC / IDV and financial-related credentials.
  • Join our Discord, and Discourse forums (you are here) to engage.
  • First meeting on June 21st will be hosted on Discord. Stay tuned for more.



Thank you for doing this. I am adding the working group conference call to my calendar now.

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Got it. I will assist to the meeting on June 21st.

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